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Shodan maps the Internet

John Matherly, the founder of Shodan – a search engine (well..) and self-proclaimed Internet cartographer has created yet another beautiful piece of mapping. It seems like a logical consequence and result of all of the data his company has gathered.

Matherly sent a ping request to every IP address on the Internet and visualized the responses he got. It is perfectly legal, though, as ping is just a network utility which transmits an echo-like request to a given destination. If the destination is up – it responds and if it does not it simply times out.

The data that Matherly gathered took approximately five hours to be collected and twelve for the image to be generated. I still wonder what processing power it takes and I will research this further. Surely something pretty interesting will show up and I will share it with you.

According to his tweets, the founder of Shodan plans to repeat this over time and compare the results, so we can have a visual proof of the biggest ever growth of connected devices in modern history.

Although Matherly mentioned earlier on Reddit that Shodan picks up only devices connected directly over the Internet, such as routers for example, he probably picked a whole lot more as the connectivity protocols are evolving and IPv6 kicks in. Soon every device out there will have its own IPv6 address and this will make the graphics of growth even more precise.

The redder the area on the map – the more devices connected in that area. This presents us with whole another way to look at the world and it is truly amazing.

Shodan mapping is totally on my watchlist now – I will be regularly posting news about how the things change in terms of connected devices.