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Five things you should know about IoT

Researching Internet of Things based opportunities and witnessing all the small revolutions that take place every day brought couple of conclusions, which I have compiled in a short list. It is accompanied by couple of notes, which I would like to share with you today.

1. You are already late and you would better hurry up. Numbers vary, but between 65 and 80% of different companies, among different industries research opportunities related to Internet of Things.

2. When you think of Internet of Things, do not think explicitly thing of “things” only. This is a term that sums up a couple of areas. Think of service providers, think of infrastructure, thing of big data analysis. All existing business models, but with newer, more flexible and connected-than-ever approach.

3. Success in Internet of Things heavily depends on engineering talent and skills. Sorry dear marketing guys, out there. No techie, no things to market. You know, Tesla? Think for a moment what would be their astonishing marketing and vision without the foundation technology.

4. To bring Internet of Things to a state where it is at least common as smartphones are, it will take a lot of cooperation. Companies will soon start cooperating altogether like never before. I bet there might be vigorous partnerships, which we never expected.

5. There are a lot of unknowns, but these should not be feared. There are a lot of stereotypes to break. There are a lot of processes to change. The first to discover is the first to benefit. Explore now – benefit from this a bit ahead in time.