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Data. Big Data.

You think that we’re in the peak of data collected, stored and processed right now? Think again and consider the vast amount of approximately 30B new devices that already started connecting. Think of the spread and the data they will gather.

Data is fundamental part of the IoT. All these devices – present and future, all these sensors, all that growth – these all will result in the biggest data generation in history.

IoT will heavily affect all kind of industries around the world – either for the good, or for the bad. The business that IoT will surely affect for the good are the cloud and the IaaS ones. They will flourish even more. All this data has do be stored and processed somewhere.

Considering IoT is relatively new market, it is also well underestimated. There is still a large part of new data infrastructure to be built. There are still technologies to be invented and optimized to deliver the speed, efficiency and price of storage all the gadgets around us will require.

Being a data scientist with IT skills will be the new “I work at Google” thing. As data grows, the demand for analyzing it better occurs. Data holds the key to numerous new revenue streams. Having a skilled data analyst will matter as much to businesses as having an exceptional marketing department.

Along with all the positive impact collecting data brings, there are also some privacy concerns. Competition will be won by vendors that can promise utmost transparency of how data is protected, processed and stored. Laggards will be left behind eaten.