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K-Track and what IoT has to do with sports

Today I would like to introduce you Andrea Ricci, founder of RELOC – an Italian based startup developing products in the area of wearables and, in general, the Internet of Things. I met him at the Internet of Things and Smart Cities Ph.D school in Lerici, Italy.

Andrea started his business as a consultant in the Internet of Things area, but as soon as he thrived into it, he decided that he should go out and try running his own product. This is how the idea for K-Track surfaced. Briefly said, K-Track [still a concept] is a device that can be used by professional athletes [currently oriented to football ones] to measure their performance during training.

Although the product is still in its alpha phase and I cannot show you how it will look [there is only engineering concept at that point] – the board design and implementation are ready. K-Track will be based on CC2540 by Texas Instruments. It will include an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. It is worth mentioning that it will measure temperature, however using Infrared and not contact, which as we know – is way more accurate.

We have been able to snap a photo of the K-Track schematics, though and here it goes:


K-Track is designed mainly to be used by athletes during their training process, so the coach can measure their performance and goals individually. If an athlete is equipped with more than one device, it will allow the coach to measure angular articulations – a key component in sports, where speed matters most.

K-Track will also be integrated with existing devices, such as heart-rate measuring straps, which will allow complete overview of the performance of given athlete, accessible for evaluation over time. The data collected will be stored on the device and it can be downloaded either via Bluetooth or USB connection.

Not surprisingly, K-Track will allow coaches to gear up with some modern gadgets [if not yet] such as phones and tablets – as it will feature information and statistical application available for most major operating systems on the smartphone/tablet market.

As K-Track develops further, I will continue to be keeping track of it and you will be able to follow the growth and progress Andrea’s team make further. Internet of Things is taking all areas around us and the good old football is no longer an exception!