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SenZations final presentations recap

Unfortunately, all the good things come to an end and so are the #senzations. This wonderful event, full of excellent talks, stunning workshops and a lot of fun has reached its final. At the end, all of us, divided into teams presented their projects.

The team which I was part of, developed a device which can receive music requests over Twitter and play them. Its primary target are public places, such as swimming pools, or cafés, or hotel lobbies. Places where certain music play, but it rarely is up to the taste of the people gathering there. We called the device muZic and it comes in two flavors – personal and professional, utilizes subscription based billing and soon I will dedicate a separate article on it revealing the various technologies we have used to achieve our goal. The cover photo of this article is the IoT Monkey observing the muZic prototype.

Right after our presentation, team Uhoko went on stage and presented their idea for equipping visually and hearing impaired people with sensor belt.

The third presentation was held by team X and they have presented their innovative conception towards educating kids through a device, which allows them to answer various simple questions repeatedly, through a friendly and interactive interface.

City Karma project, which aims towards engaging communities to report various types of accidents, trying to make them more socially aware. Cool video, guys! Keep up the good work.

Fifth and last, the floor was taken by team IoT veggies (whoa!) I thought that the idea of ‘selfie police’ was just a gossip roaming around #senzations, but alas – it seems to have happened. They suggest a device that can be used to report people doing selfies too much. At the reasonable price of 550 Euro.

Presentations are over now, however the jury will have to debate over them. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed to find out who wins.

I am leaving for Italy, however expect a detailed overview of the entire #senzations event, as well as muZic very soon. I will be attending a F1 race on Sunday and in the meantime, I have prepared some very interested technical facts related to those who like fast cars and, in general, the F1 sport.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to cross your fingers for team Thunderstorm (thats us) and muZic!