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SenZations 2014, day 4 overview

Today I have decided to see what is going on the business track and, well, this is a decision that I will most probably never regret. SenZations, as it turns out, is an event, where you can learn not only technical stuff, but a lot of business one.

The day began with a talk held by Srdjan Krco, one of our hosts, who covered how Augmented Reality can be used in marketing campaigns. It was really impressive talk, which I tried to cover with as much details as possible, right after the lunch break.

Right after that, our business guru – Richard Brandt kicked in with two talks.

In the first one, we have talked a lot about the disruptive model of leading a company. Yesterday we have had plenty of chat on that manner, while we’e been on the boat to Kornati and back – discussing all the crazy ideas and revolutions people like Steve Jobs did. I made a point comparing the revolutions that Jobs brought to technology to the ones that the ancient Greek mathematicians brought to Calculus, Geometry and Physics. Yes, it is a weird parallel and, yes, I might be a bit subjective – by being heavily influenced by Steve Jobs and Apple – still he agreed with me. In fact, everyone on the business track today agreed with me. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos were also torn apart, dissected and analyzed. We draw a lot of conclusions.

In the second talk, right after the lunch break, Richard gave us a great glimpse on how technology joint ventures work out in real life, especially in case that we are entering a foreign market and we have a local partner. His broad experience with AT&T allowed to provide a plenty of examples – ranging from companies in China and Indonesia, through Russia, to Indonesia, to Italy. A guy that has lived in 35 countries and started businesses in all of them certainly had a lot to share and we highly appreciated that.

Dario Zorić gave us a great and practical example how to write and present a project. He used quite an unorthodox approach to assure our attention. After having couple of sleepless nights, trying to figure out our presentation, we seemed a bit tired. Dario had us all stand up, divide into groups of two and stare in each other for a minute. Right after that, we had to turn back-to-back and change three things in our outfit somehow. Then, he had us turn around and explain to our teammate what changes we have noticed.

This was an astonishing gymnastics exercise for our brains at the present moment, but it also helped us to draw the conclusion that we should be always on the watch for changes and seek opportunities.

We were then taught the elevator pitch method, again with a practical example. All the attendees of the business track, as well as the tech guests – like me and Gabriele from my team – were asked to present the project they are working on in 20 seconds.

Not bad, as for the first time – ha? By the way, I would like to express my personal gratitude to Dario, who has prepared the presentation in Croatian, but had to rewrite it overnight, on the bus, just because he got a call from Martina (one of our hosts), telling him that there will be a non-Croatian student attending his lecture.

Dario, Martina – this means a lot for me and I truly appreciate it. Coffee is on me! I would liked to say “drinks”, but we’ve got a business plan to write and things may go terribly wrong, if you know what I mean.

As the lectures were over, we were back to our project. We have managed to advance a lot, in terms of the features we are building into it and tomorrow we are presenting it at 3pm. Keep your fingers crossed!