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IoTSC2014 – Day 2: CONNECT

We entered seamlessly the second day of IoTSC2014, after being warmed up well the day before. The second day was dubbed CONNECT and, as you can imagine, we had lectures and hands on what is most fundamental in IoT – connecting them devices and ensuring their networking capabilities.

The first day started with a lecture given by Prof. Roberto Verdone [DEIS, University of Bologna]. During this lecture, Prof. Verdone outlined the concept of the next generation mobile network we will rely on – 5G. What is most exciting about it is definitely the latency goal that is set. Believe it or not, couple of years ahead of time, there will be a mobile network with latency of around 1ms. Insane. Latency has been the arch enemy of the human kind. It seems its reign is about to end with 5G kicking in.

5G networks will rely on a architecture way different that we are currently used to. I have tried to give my point of view and to cover Prof. Verdone’s talk on 5G at the 5G will lower latency to 1ms a recent research says article.

Of course, knowledge leads to hunger. Another extensive, Italian-style coffee break took place.

After the croissants with coffee and apple juice, Dr. Marius Montón [World Sensing] took the stage and gave us a talk on connectivity solutions and network architectures in the world of Internet of Things and in constrained networks, as a whole. In this talk a pretty good and definitive “check-list” for a thing in the Internet of Things emerged:

– Device must be addressable
– Device must be connected to the Internet
– Device must be event driven
– Device must be localizable

Of course, exceptions of that list are always possible – but in general – this is pretty much a great definition of the IoT idea. Simple.

Here is the entire lecture – even you have been there, it is a great way to refresh your memories. In addition, it provides a great overview of all the verticals IoT spreads into.

It was already 1PM when Dr. Montón finished his presentation. Time for lunch and #climbthese345stepsbackandforth.

When we were back from lunch, we found the conference hall at the Castle of Lerici totally different. The classroom-like order of chairs was gone and there were big round tables instead. It was time for the hands on.

Hands on for the CONNECT day, for sure, was all about Contiki OS – the open and efficient platform that the Internet of Things starts to rely on. Contiki is definitely something that deserves immediate attention. I have given my five cents on that at the ContikiOS: first impressions article.

All of us were given exercises that cover various aspects of the Contiki OS, using the Contiki Live distribution. Of course, we did Hello World things, such as blinking a led or printing a simple text upon pushing a button.

Finally, we have had our hands on the Cooja Network Simulator. This is a simulator provided by Contiki, which unlike most simulators also allows real hardware platforms to be emulated. This eases [greatly] fellow scientists in running tests of their code over various devices. All it takes to create a single simulation with 10 motes – it is just couple of clicks. You an read simultaneously through all the logs of these motes, as well as debug in real-time.

I have found this very simple, yet good tutorial for Cooja. Hopefully it will help you get an idea of its purpose.

The hands-on Contiki and Cooja was under the supervision of Dr. Simon Duquennoy [SICS] and it was, I would say – a very pleasant experience. The exercises were “designed” so we can begin with a Hello World thing, but they exponentially moved to a bit more complex things. This was like my hands-on baptism in the area of science and I liked it.

As day two of the IoTSC2014 was over, all of use headed to their hotels take some rest and probably give that gulf some staring. Another exciting and full of knowledge day was behind us already, we have totally deserved our rest. And pizza. And pasta. And repeat.

This is the second of couple of articles that will cover the Internet of Things and Smart Cities events. If you liked reading about my second-day experience at the IoTSC2014, you will probably find the IoTSC2014: where science is made! article interesting. It covers the first day of IoTSC2014.

There will be an article dedicated to each of the components we have covered. This one is dedicated to the CONNECT. Articles covering COLLECT and CONSUME are on their way. Keep me on your watchlist!