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Consider visiting How.Camp!

Networking is all – as I have already said bajillion of times already, and in the spirit of that – I would like to invite you to How.Camp. It is one of the biggest summits of the Bulgarian IT society, organized by Bogomil ‘Bogo’ Shopov, true pioneer in the world of open source and prominent pirate.

How.Camp will take place in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria – a magnificent town in Central Bulgaria, famous as the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire [there were times we ruled a lot, yes]. The town itself is a beautiful amalgam of past and present. It is also situated almost in the middle of Bulgaria, making it accessible with great ease from [almost] every major location or airport.


The idea of the event is to showcase and discuss all the “things” that are going to change the web from now on, as well as to provide a short summary of what happened during the past year. After every talk on the stage, the audience will be able to engage with the lecturer and ask questions of any kind related to the topic. People giving the talks are required to show practical examples, not just sheer theories. In my opinion, driving your event into non-formal environment – making it just like that – is excellent. It allows everyone to participate and the discussion flows with great ease.

Furthermore, it is worth noticing that the event will take place at Veliko Tarnovo’s “Konstantin Kissimov” theatre. An event I have attended last week was in a castle, but theatre is even more inspiring.

Although the event’s primary scope is the web, there will also be great talks related to the Internet of Things. Given the fact that both areas are closely related, even overlapping at some points, I find this appropriate.

Teemu Arina, founder of will deliver a talk presenting fundamental ways to take advantage of the latest advancements in biosensors, quantified self, and wearable technologies for increased productivity, health, and wellbeing. He will present his Biohacker’s handbook.

The other great talk on IoT will be delivered by.. well.. me. I will introduce the concept for the Internet of Things and the impact it will make in our everyday lives. Along the way, I will also provide the audience with some guidance on how to get a kickstart in that area, in terms of gaining practical knowledge.

Apart of the Internet of Things, How.Camp will provide a broad view on other and very interesting subjects in the field of web. As I look in the list of speakers, I can see some of the most prominent Bulgarian IT specialists and entrepreneurs [some of them combined] participating. Some of them I know in person already, some of them I am excited to meet for the first time, after following their development over time. I am also excited to hear Mathias Bynens from Opera and his talk about getting UNICODE to work along with JavaScript [finally].

The full list of lectures, as well as tickets and accommodation options can be found at the How.Camp’s webpage. If you plan to attend this event – get in touch – I can help you with arranging your trip to beautiful Veliko Tarnovo and visiting How.Camp.