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Why it is worth spreading the word about IoT?

Couple of months ago, your favorite Internet of Things website, err.. IoTMonkey, was born. The initial idea for this website was to be a travel blog covering my endeavor in the world of internet of things. It became a place where I am not only logging my journey around IoT events, but try to spread knowledge.

I am trying to spread the word about Internet of Things because of reasons. Numerous reasons, probably some of them I share with my readers. Just to name a few.

1) Internet of Things is the next big thing. The next big bang that will create another dimension in technologies, human behavior, interaction and will, at all, totally change our lives for good. Google Glass may have failed to change our mindset early, but another shape-shifter may emerge soon.

2) The area of Internet of Things seems to be labeled “geeks and nerds” only, while on the inside it is meant to be accessible for everybody. More people like me should start websites and try to inform their surrounding audience that gadgets are not limited to geeks only. Gadgets are here for all the people now and they want to help us live better.

3) We have an enormous opportunity here, an opportunity that happens once in couple of generations – to witness laying the foundations of and building on their top the future which will surround us for decades to come. Whatever fundamental comes in the upcoming ten years, it will stay around for centuries and we can be a good part of it. We can leave our mark in history.

4) Witnessing the future is a process that gives us some obligations, though. We are here to judge, steer and make sure that no product will emerge that is hazardous, impractical or can endanger its potential consumers (us!!) in any means.

5) I might secretly want to be Tony Stark someday. I almost know how to build that suit now!

Though I am a huge fan of checklists, I think that my white paper called Defining the Internet of Things will give you a broader view on my beliefs and reasons to run IoTMonkey. It is a stunning piece of writing that will shed some light on the present situation in the Internet of Things world, as well as why it is important.

I wrote it for the IOT360 blog contest which my humble self managed to win. I recalled all the reasons above on Wednesday, when the award has arrived in my office and I thought it would be good to share them with you.

I am also sharing this photo of my award plaque and the retina display iPad I got. Here they are:

#iot360 blog contest award arrived today! I told you – I am winning this thing :)

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This website, this award and this very post would have never happened it wasn’t for you, my dear readers. Once again, I would like to thank you for the enormous support you have shown in the past couple of months for this project. I know that the density of posts has dropped a bit, but we are getting back on the right track soon!

Happy Sunday, IoT fellas! I am out watching a football game now. Enjoy!