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SenZations 2014: things & thoughts

The SenZations summer school is over and after spending 24 wonderful hours with my family in Milan, I am already on the train to Lerici, Italy. There I will attend the Internet of Things and Smart Cities Ph.D. school. Now that the train departs from the gorgeous Milano Centrale, I have couple of hours to draw some conclusions regarding the past week.

Little bragging, as well as a clarification first – IoT Monkey has been awarded as the most prolific and complete source to follow live the SenZations 2014 event. I would like to stress out that I would have drawn the very same conclusions, no matter if that happened or not. If you have followed the website and the IoTMonkey’s Twitter feed the past week, you will probably find out that I have earned this award with a lot of hard work and dedication.

I am starting my SenZations story with couple of words about networking. Expanding your network in the area which you try to develop into is crucial to your success. I have reconfirmed this yet again. At SenZations I have met wonderful people, ranging from lecturers, engineers, investors, mentors and last, but not least – the participants. Spending a week together allowed us to create very solid bond which we will absolutely rely onto in the future.

No doubt, all the people on the event possessed different skills set, however when we put them together combined – as we proved on the final presentations – miracles do happen and crazy ideas turn into reality (or in our case, prototypes). Shout out to you, crazy IoT veggies team and your weirdo Selfie Police thing.

Even though we have been competitors, we have been assisting each other without any rivalry. We simply cared for the others, wanting them to succeed as much as we do. This is, I believe, a key component in the world of young engineers we all participate into and want to be part of.

We not only networked, but exchanged tons of first-class knowledge between us. Be it engineering one, be it knowledge on programming or how to write that damn business plan – we have always had one-hop connection to ask. And when we asked others – we have been given precise, complete and definitive answers. It is simply amazing how people can cooperate on various projects when they are put in informal environment.

The lectures which gave us daily talks.. I probably do not have enough words to describe these amazing people, but I will try. Stunning. Outstanding. Inspiring. Probably there are more adjectives to put, but I bet you get it.

All of them, people with enormous knowledge in various areas – ranging from real-time computing, through sensing and networks, to the finest elements in negotiating your business overseas and writing business plans. They were among us all week long, participating in the creation of that very strong bond I am mentioning above. We never felt any kind of separation – we have been sleeping in the same rooms, having meals on one table, hanged out together by the pool. Informal environment – this, I truly believe, was the key to the connection we have created.

Last, but not least – dear event hosts – dear Srdjan, Alex, Konrad, Gordana and Martina – the event was simply outstanding. We have been very well taken care of and we missed nothing. The selection of lecturers for both tracks, the topics – they were top notch. The trip to Kornati – it was a stunning experience you gave us, as well as in the very right time – we have just been started to feel a little overwhelmed with the lectures and the amount of knowledge we have to process.

When time to part our ways has approached we thought of numerous ways to extend the school with at least a week more. Alas, none of our agendas allowed us to do so, however we have made promises to gather together next year and bring new people to the event. No wonder why the attendee rate for SenZations is climbing higher and higher each year – you cannot attend it once, without coming back again and bringing a friend over the next year.

SenZations is just too good to keep it only for yourself! If you are in doubt whether to attend it or no – read this article again.