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Monkey’s back and in the cloud


Chances are that you did not miss me at all, but I am back from long time being absent and this drives me freaking happy. As much passion as I have had for the IoT when I started this blog, the merrier I gravitated around cloud architectures for the past year or so.

Back! Back! Back!

I still have all the IoT gadgets I equipped myself with earlier [and covered extensively in previous articles] but unfortunately now I don’t have the time to play frequently with them. Definitely not as much as I want to. That’s why I have handed them to my fellow TMD Developers so they can come up with new and interesting tinkering solutions. We will feature together in the IoT Monkey blog.

So, what’s next?

Technologies are moving rapidly. Since I have gone absent in the Autumn of 2014, a large part of the technical landscape has changed. Two things remained prevalent in the meantime, though – the Internet of Things continues to grow at the steadiest pace [as predicted here] and things about cloud computing are getting f*cking real. We are literally living a world where organizations switch from bare metal/no infrastructure at all to cloud at a rapid pace. The times where cloud was an exotic IT department’s gibberish are long time gone now.

What will happen to the “Daily Dose of IoT”?

Worry not! I will continue to cover the IoT space occasionally in this blog, but I will not limit my technical experiments to the field of connected devices only. For the past year, I have dwelled a lot in the cloud area – I have a lot of exciting points of view and case studies to share. It may not be as frequent as in the good old IoT Monkey years, but I will make sure I publish things and thoughts as frequently as possible.