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IoTSC2014: things & thoughts

As I have been stretching my fingers to polish my #iot360 blog contest essay, I decided to take a little break and share some of my thoughts regarding the last event I have attended. If you have followed, you know that I talk for #IoTSC2014.

I have had a little journey until I make it to Lerici, Italy where Internet of Things and Smart Cities Ph.D. School 2014 took place. I think that for the first time of my life, I use all variations of transport human has ever invented to get from point A to point B. I travelled using a cab, a ferry, a train, a bus and a plane in the past week.

Well, making all that traveling effort to attend #IoTSC2014 was totally worth. Attending it right after the #senzations in Croatia, also was a key decision and part of my plan. As I expected, #senzations is a great, one-week “orientation camp” for all IoT beginners and I will stop recommend attending to it like.. never. It is the right, if not the rightest place to get started in this jungle, we all call Internet of Things.

If you look to jump in science and share a lecture hall with some of what are the best IoT scientists and researchers for a week – IoTSC2014 is your place. Attending to a regular IoT event [in terms of scientific talks] and then attending to another one, which explains all the things you’ve learnt, but with scientific approach – this is the best you can do, if you are interested in that area.

I am not a scientist, it is a wide-known fact. I am a dropout, per se – I merely tried attending various colleges in my life, between graveyard shifts and starting a web/cloud hosting company, but I never made it to graduation. I have always aspired around science, more as a consumer and utilizer, though. On the other side, I am a lecturer at the Plovdiv University, teaching students in a web hosting and open source software courses. I have always been on the edge of technical knowledge, trying to keep up with recent developments in the ICT.

This is why, I spent great time at IoTSC2014, without being a PhD or Doctor candidate. I had enough proficiency, based on my lifelong experience in the ICT area and I added up to it. I added a lot. Though, it is dubbed PhD school, I reassure you – as long as you have technical aspirations and desire to always learn more in that area, you can attend it without single hesitation. Yes, there might be things not so clear, but that’s why they invented Google. The scientists did it.

I am keeping an eye for the videos from all lectures to be released. As soon as they are, I will pile them up in a list and will share it with you. They are worth dedicating some time – yes, it will not be the same as if you can interrupt and ask a question – but they still can give you a great overview on what it was like.

If you have missed the series of articles I have started [sadly this is the last one] and dedicated to journaling my experience in IoTSC2014, here they are:

Spending a week among PhD and Doctor candidates, each very proficient in his very particular area, but also very knowledgeable at-large, requires preparation. It took me couple of months to get in shape with the Internet of Things, its main paradigms and the directions it is heading. IoTSC2014 was the culmination of this preparation – I put myself in environment with average IQ that large – and I made through it. Little things in life, they say.

Last but not least, I would like to experience my personal gratitude to all people dedicated to science. All these tiresome guys and gals that give up on significant part of their life, if not dedicating it all, so me and you can consume and invent. Big thank you to all the great people I have met in Lerici, Italy and the ones I have not met yet. You guys, are the real heroes in our world – innovation relies on science and thank you, dear scientists, for being there for us!

Kudos to science people and long life the IoTSC PhD school. Hopefully I’ll make time to attend it again next year.