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IoT Monkey will participate in the IOT360 blog contest!

Last week, as I have been taking my daily dose of sun at one of the panoramic terraces at the Castle of Lerici, I got hit over Twitter by Charalampos Doukas (@BuildingIoT). He suggested that I participate in the IOT360 blog contest and I immediately considered it.

And it would have not been any other possible development of that situation – I was totally in from the moment I read the suggestion. One does not simply neglect a suggestion originating from a person that influential in the Internet of Things community, the author of Building Internet of Things with Arduino and high quality speaker on various events. Recently I have had the chance to meet him in person. We have attended SenZations together – he was a lecturing there. I attended his lectures and we even casually hanged out on a boat. Harry brought a good amount of inspiration to me that week – with all he does to popularize the Internet of Things – now it is time that this inspiration pay back.

I am entering the IOT360 blog contest and I am winning it. Period.

IOT360 blog contest is a competition focused on the topic of Internet of Things and held in the context of the Summit IOT360 – The Gateway to Innovation, organized by the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI).

The aim of the contest is to investigate the IoT and what it entails: a trend that accepts network as an element of connection that allows information technology to leave the computer and enter the things, potentially turning all the objects around us into smarter instruments.

The competition aims at:

1. Discussing the IoT, building a global narrative on the upcoming innovations
2. Involving students, experts, companies and organizations that are interested in the topics of the IoT
3. Highlighting the role of information in the process of information sharing and dissemination regarding the IoT

through social media, particularly through blogging.

The main topic is the Internet of Things at 360° as “the industrial revolution” that, thanks to its various opportunities, fosters changes in the futures of people, organizations and businesses. Also researchers and the innovators can try and turn ideas and projects inspired by IoT into concrete proposals with a commercial value.

Well, the description of that competition pretty much sounds like the entire mission and vision of the IoT Monkey website. Too pity I cannot enter with the entire blog, but at least I am good at writing – I guess I will be able to put my vision in 1,500 words or more :)

Fear not, fellow contestants – IoT Monkey is ready for the blog battle. Good luck!