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IoT what?


My name is Nickola Naous and I currently reside in Bulgaria, Europe. I know a thing or two about tech, I am an entrepreneur and I am also very interested in connected devices of all kind. Apparently, I am also fond of monkeys.

Being professionally involved in the IT for the past 10 years made me question everything. Especially how everything works and what is the magic behind it. Although futuristic at first sight, we are stepping into a new era – everything around us is getting connected to the Internet. The future arrived a bit earlier than expected and there are so much answers to seek.

I have created this website, so I can seek these answers together with people around the world. When I initially became interested in connected devices, I have spent a lot of time examining research papers and experimenting with hardware. A lot of the knowledge and insights from these papers will appear here over time and a lot of the experiments I have conducted are still to be released in public like DIY tutorials.

Sharing knowledge between people is the key to successful innovation. I have learnt this during my first steps in getting to know the IoT. It is the key foundation of this new, amazing industry. Bringing connected devices to mass use will require vast collaboration between individuals and companies, between vendors and suppliers, between programmers and product designers.

The adoption rate of connected devices is still not high, but it grows at a rapid pace. Currently, there are 11B devices of all kind connected to the Internet. By 2022, the amount of connected devices of all kind and purpose will be around 40B. Connected devices are the next big thing. For sure, they will be more common than smartphones and probably way smarter. Imagine driving over the Internet, wearing the Internet or even stepping onto it. Imagine you can talk to everything in your house by just swiping your smartphone’s touchscreen.

My interest in this area grew so much that I decided to travel around the world and meet new people that share the same passion. You are likely to find this website covering various IoT events – in fact, its initial idea was to be only a blog occasionally documenting these journeys. Eventually, it morphed into something bigger – like a place, where everyone can start the big journey in IoT and keep up with the news related to connected devices and platforms.

I am currently CIO and managing partner at a large web and cloud hosting company. To keep up with my regular tasks, but also keep up with IoT, I have assigned a certain period of my day to this endeavor. Every day, usually between 6pm and midnight, I sit in my home office and process a lot of information related to the IoT and various connected devices. I experiment with hardware and take notes on research papers. I spontaneously decided to call this period of the day “my daily dose of IoT”.

Now, I would like to share and discuss my daily dose of IoT with you. Together we can find a lot of valuable answers, question even more and give our contribution to the mass adoption of connected devices.

The future is here and we have the chance to live it. It is all that matters!

See you around!