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Explaining IoT to your friends and family

Explaining IoT can be a real challenge when you have to present it to someone not that keen on tech as you. I bet you have been also caught in an awkward situation, so I want to share my approach doing this.

The best way to explain IoT is to give a straightforward example. This way the recipient of your presentation can immediately recreate and understand your point.

I like to give couple of examples:

The baby camera is probably the best one of them, so it comes first. Chances are that your friend or relative owns a smartphone. Tell him what a joy it will be if he installs a baby camera and enjoy couple of moments on the couch while still looking after his heir. All he has to do is to install an app and pair it with the baby camera. That’s all.

The smart thermostats and connected light bulbs are also a great example. They can save money, as they know when you are home and when not, so they manage home appliances usage. They can bring convenience by knowing you are coming home and set the temperature to you preferred one. They can also bring security by knowing you are on vacation, so lights are occasionally turned on and off – this probably will keep burglars away.

Giving an example with all the connected bracelets is a sure way to achieve understanding. Here you can also mention the amount of data collected. Using this data can be used for studies and through them improve quality of life.

Explaining IoT like a carry-on speaker with Wi-Fi connectivity also works. Your friend can bring his music library and sound to the party. It will play straight from the cloud.

These are only a small chunk of the examples that can be given. I am sure you have had the same situation. How have you handled it?

Share your story in the comments! Help me spread the IoT and make it a mass adopted product.