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The IoT Monkey is back and on a winning streak

It has been a while, please beg my absence. Some unforeseen circumstances were preventing me from my usual operations. But now I’m back. And I am on a winning streak!

First things first – I am back on the road. As I am writing this post, I am packing my stuff to attend How.Camp, an exciting event I wrote about before. I truly missed conferences’ spirit.

I will be giving a twenty-minutes talk at How.Camp, introducing the basic concepts of Internet of Things and announce the nearby future. This will be, pretty much, my first talk in front of such large audience (450 IT professionals) – still, I do not feel anxiety. I feel more empowered and ready to deal with this, probably leading to similar appointments of that kind in the future.

More important is that the IoT Monkey website is now being recognized globally, in terms of quality content and source of information for the industry. After being awarded for the most prolific source of information for the SenZations ’14 IoT event that took place in Croatia at the end of this summer, now the website strikes another award.

I have recently participated in the IOT360 blog contest, do you remember? Well, it looks like that all the effort I have put in my “Defining the Internet of Things” white paper did not went unnoticed and I am getting that award (yeah).

Unfortunately, my flexibility was greatly reduced and I will not be able to attend the IOT360 summit in Rome, even though I have planned it. This will be a great event and if you have any chance to participate – ping me, I can borrow you one of my tickets!

I would like to thank you all for the great support during that campaign! I would have not made it, at least I would not have the faith to try, if it weren’t you – my friends, readers and followers.

Kudos to you all!